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If you’re looking to buy a home or refinance, The First Bank of Greenwich offers a variety of mortgage plans at very competitive rates. Your Personal Banker can even arrange to have you pre-approved in a matter of days. We make the entire process easy, convenient and painless, and do everything possible to make sure you’ve got the best plan for your needs.


Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Mortgages. Your Personal Banker will take you through the various options for terms and down payment.


Sometimes you might need a mortgage that is larger than a standard mortgage. And because they exceed federal agency limits for securitization, this financing is not insured or guaranteed by a federal agency. But The First Bank of Greenwich can make a Jumbo work for you. Simply talk to your Personal Banker about your specific needs.


If you want to achieve the American dream, you may decide to build your own dream house. The First Bank of Greenwich makes it easy. Your Personal Banker will help you through every step of the financing process. You’ll be able to make interest-only payments on the funds used during construction. Then, when your home is completed, the Bank will help you choose the right permanent mortgage for your needs.