Employees standing in front of a First Bank of Greenwich company vehicle

The First Bank of Greenwich will operate at all times with a strong commitment to the well-being of our customers and surrounding community.  All our clients will be treated with the respect, responsiveness and a high level of service they expect and deserve. The First Bank of Greenwich will offer a full spectrum of competitive lending, deposit and financial products to meet the particular needs of small to mid-size businesses and individuals in a timely manner. Unmatched personal service and gratitude for our customer will always be in the forefront of how our professional team of bankers approaches business.

We are pleased to introduce Visa's Purchase Alerts. This free service will allow you to enroll your First Bank of Greenwich Visa branded debit card to receive near real-time transaction alerts via e-mail. To enroll click on the link below:


Once enrolled you can choose which conditions trigger your alerts. For example, you may choose to receive an alert for each purchase transaction that exceeds $100. Whenever such a purchase occurs, you will receive an email message that includes the transaction date, type of transaction, and the merchant name and location (if available).

For questions on enrollment you may contact: VisaPurchaseAlertsHelp@visa.com

Warning: Please be advised that emails sent using the email address listed above may not be secure. Please do not send confidential information such as social security numbers, account numbers or personal information through the general email system.